Application- Oriented Courses 2023-24

Application- Oriented Courses 2023-24

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Application- Oriented

The third component of the BSc Programme consists of the Application-oriented Courses (AOC). These courses are developed to equip students in some area of their choice which requires application of skills. He/she must select at least 8 credits worth of courses from this group. If a student has opted for a total of 64 credits in Elective courses, he/she should take only 8 credits from this group. Attentively if he/she has taken only 56 credits in elective courses, he/she is allowed to take 16 credits in Application-oriented courses.

Application- Oriented Courses

Course CodeLink
ACC-01Download @ Rs.25
ANC-01Download @ Rs.25
ASP-1Download @ Rs.25
ACS-02Download @ Rs.25
AOM-01Download @ Rs.25
AMT-1Download @ Rs.25
AOR-01Download @ Rs.25
ART-01Download @ Rs.25
BHDA-101Download @ Rs.25
ACS-01Download @ Rs.25
CDM-01Download @ Rs.25
BEGA-001Download @ Rs.25
ACS-01 Part 01Download @ Rs.25
CFN-02Download @ Rs.25
BRDE-101Download @ Rs.25
ACS-01 Part 02Download @ Rs.25
CFN-03Download @ Rs.25
AED-01Download @ Rs.25
AFW-EDownload @ Rs.25
AHE-01Download @ Rs.25
AFW (H) ERD (H)Download @ Rs.25
AMK-01Download @ Rs.25
AWR-HDownload @ Rs.25

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